Mayoral Units

Administrative Services

Administrative Services consists of MIS, Payroll & Timekeeping, Human Resources, Fiscal Operations and Facilities. From providing IT support to processing pay and leave for 500 + employees to preparing budgets and analysis, these units collaborate to ensure that all Mayors’ Office employees are receiving the resources they need.

Center for Economic Opportunity

The Center for Economic Opportunity (CEO) fights the cycle of poverty in New York City through innovative programs that build human capital and improve financial security. Launched by the Office of the Mayor in 2006, CEO works with both city agencies and the federal government to implement successful anti-poverty initiatives in New York and partner cities across the United States.

City Legislative Affairs

The Mayor's Office of City Legislative Affairs represents the Mayor and city agencies at the City Council, and serves as liaison between the Mayor and the Offices of the Comptroller, Public Advocate and the Borough Presidents.


The Mayor’s Office of Communications coordinates the Mayor’s cabinet and city agencies to deliver clear information on the administration’s initiatives to the media and the people of New York City.

Community Affairs Unit

The Mayor's Community Affairs Unit (CAU) is a vital connection between City Hall and residents throughout the five boroughs. The primary mission of CAU is to establish deep partnerships with communities in order to actively engage and mobilize New Yorkers in city government. Through Borough Directors and Deputy Commissioners working with tenant associations, parent groups, students, workers, communities of faith, grassroots activists and neighborhood residents, CAU actively propels mayoral initiatives to further justice and opportunity for all New Yorkers.


The Mayor’s Office of Correspondence is responsible for reading, routing, and responding to the letters, emails, and 311 calls addressed to the Mayor. Correspondence staff also drafts mayoral messages, certificates and proclamations for events in addition to assisting other mayoral offices and agencies with a variety of writing and editing projects. The Office archives digital and hard copy records and routes letters to city agencies for handling requiring expansive knowledge about the inner-workings of city government.

Counsel to the Mayor

The Office of the Counsel to the Mayor provides legal advice to the Mayor and City Hall staff and manages Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) requests. The Office also manages legal and other policy initiatives focused on equity at the direction of the Mayor.

Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services

The Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services oversees and coordinates the operations of the Department for the Aging, Administration for Children’s Services, Commission for Economic Opportunity, Family Services Coordinator, Health Insurance Access Program, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, Department of Homeless Services, Human Resources Administration/ Department of Social Services, Department of Juvenile Justice, Department of Correction and Department of Probation. The Deputy Mayor maintains liaison with the Health and Hospitals Corporations and the HIV Health and Human Services Planning Council.

Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services CIDI

The Center for Innovation through Data Intelligence (CIDI) is a research/policy center located in the office of the Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services. CIDI was founded to use and incorporate inter-agency data to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the delivery of City health and human services to individuals, families, and children. CIDI works with partner agencies to conduct inter-agency research and provide analytical support to identify and address areas of service need in the City. The vision of CIDI is to make data come alive to inspire change.

Deputy Mayor For Housing and Economic Development

The Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development leads the administration's efforts to grow and diversify New York City's economy, invest in emerging industries across the five boroughs, build a new generation of affordable housing, and help New Yorkers secure good-paying jobs that can support a family.

Deputy Mayor for Strategic Policy Initiatives

The Deputy Mayor for Strategic Policy Initiatives directs many of the administration's signature initiatives requiring major interagency collaboration to increase educational opportunities for New Yorkers and uplift working families through city services. Programs include Pre-K for All, Community Schools Initiative, School's Out NYC and the Mayor's Young Men's Initiative and has been charged with spearheading the overhaul of the city's mental health system.

Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City

The Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that facilitates high-impact public-private partnerships throughout New York City's five boroughs. The Fund leverages individual, philanthropic and corporate partnerships to support public programs advancing key mayoral and agency priorities. The Fund is focused on supporting public programs in areas including mental health, youth workforce development, immigration and citizenship, domestic violence, financial empowerment and support for young men and women of color.

Mayor's Office for International Affairs

The Mayor’s Office for International Affairs serves as the liaison between the City and New York City’s international community, which includes 193 Permanent Missions, 115 Consulates and the citizens they serve, and the headquarters of the United Nations. The Office is building a global platform from which the City can promote its goals for a more just and equitable society, showcase the diversity of New Yorkers and share policies and best practices with the world. The Office also works to foster positive relations and to encourage collaboration between the international community and New York City's agencies and local neighborhoods.

Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities

The Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities (MOPD) works to ensure that New Yorkers with disabilities can lead happy, healthy and productive lives. MOPD staff work hand-in-hand with other city offices and over 50 agencies to ensure that the voice of the disabled community is represented and that city programs and policies address the needs of people with disabilities. The Office provides information on accessible programs, accessible transportation, employment, health services, activities and other resources to the over 800,000 New Yorkers with disabilities and the millions of people with disabilities visiting New York City every year. The dedicated staff of the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities works hard every day to make New York the most accessible city in the world.

Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice

The Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice advises the Mayor and First Deputy Mayor on criminal justice policy and is the Mayor’s representative to the courts, district attorneys, defenders, and state criminal justice agencies, among others. The office designs, deploys, and evaluates citywide strategies to drive down crime, reduce unnecessary arrests and incarceration, and improve the system’s fairness. MOCJ works with law enforcement and city agencies, non-profits, foundations, and others to implement data-driven strategies that address current crime conditions, prevent offending, and build the strong neighborhoods that ensure enduring safety. The office draws on various disciplines, such as behavioral economics to “nudge” conduct and machine learning to develop reliable predictive analytics.

Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics

The Mayor's Office of Data Analytics (MODA) is New York City's civic intelligence center, allowing the City to aggregate and analyze data from across City agencies, to more effectively address crime, public safety, and quality of life issues. The office uses analytics tools to prioritize risk more strategically, deliver services more efficiently, enforce laws more effectively and increase transparency, and administers the City’s Open Data program

Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs

The Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs works to promote the well-being of immigrant communities by recommending policies and programs that facilitate successful integration of immigrant New Yorkers into the civic, economic, and cultural life of the City.

Mayor's Office of Intergovernmental Affairs

The Office of Intergovernmental Affairs coordinates the City's interaction with the City, State and Federal Legislative Affairs Offices, as well as the offices of the City Comptroller, Public Advocate and Borough Presidents. The office keeps the Mayor and the First Deputy Mayor informed about intergovernmental issues and is the liaison between the City and other governments, seeking to foster constructive links between the Administration and these entities.

Mayor's Office of Operations

The Mayor's Office of Operations works to make a government of over 40 agencies and 300,000 employees more effective, efficient, and coordinated in carrying out its day-to-day business. It also works to increase equity in and the accessibility of city government for all its residents. Operations accomplishes this by monitoring the performance of all city agencies, serving as a research hub for the Mayor’s Office as well as for the wider city, tracking customer service satisfaction at the agency level, and coordinating internal and external audits conducted by both governmental and non-governmental entities.

Mayor's Office of Special Projects and Community Events

The Mayor’s Office of Special Projects and Community Events organizes, manages and directs all public ceremonies, celebrations, receptions, and similar functions hosted by the city under the direction of the Mayor’s Office; coordinates the activities of city agencies and departments to plan and implement special events, and maintains liaison with the private sector for the coordination and support of city-sponsored events.

Mayor's Office of Sustainability

The Mayor's Office of Sustainability develops cohesive sustainability plans for New York City—strategies that can enhance our economy and increase efficiency, improve our quality of life, and better protect our environment. While OneNYC is premised on preparing New York City for 2030, 2050, and beyond, the Office also works toward more immediate milestones while commissioning studies for the future through research, analysis, and outreach. Its team comprises architects, economists, engineers, lawyers, marketing and communications experts, planners, and policy analysts and advisors. The Office focuses on the areas of climate resiliency, energy supply, green buildings, greenhouse gas mitigation, transportation, and waste and implements these and other OneNYC focus area initiatives by collaborating with city agencies, the City Council, partnerships, scientists, and stakeholders.

Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence

The Mayor's Office to Combat Domestic Violence (OCDV), oversees the citywide delivery of domestic violence services, develops policies and programs, and works with diverse communities to increase awareness of domestic violence. OCDV works alongside city agencies, community based and advocacy organizations, local leaders, and service providers to expand access to services citywide for victims and their children to receive the help that they need.

NYC Service

NYC Service promotes volunteerism, engages New Yorkers in service, and mobilizes the power of volunteers to impact New York City's greatest needs by targeting six areas: Strengthening Communities, Education Excellence, Economic and Workforce Development, Health and Well Being, Environment and Emergency Preparedness and Response.

Office of Appointments

The Mayor's Office of Appointments assists the Mayor and his deputies in making commissioner-level appointments, as well as appointments to the city's numerous municipal boards. It also assists the commissioners of city agencies and the directors of mayoral offices with their senior-level staffing.

Office of Citywide Event Coordination and Management

New York City is the premier venue and backdrop for special events, cultural activities, marketing opportunities and street festivals. To ensure that the City maximizes its ability to properly accommodate these uses, the Mayor’s Office of Citywide Event Coordination and Management (CECM) coordinates the policies, procedures and permitting operations of city agencies that pertain to the management of events in public spaces.

Office of Digital Strategy

The Mayor’s Office of Digital Strategy provides strategy on digital initiatives to City Hall, agencies, and New York City-based organizations. Working closely with the digital communications team, it also manages outbound digital communications from City Hall.

Office of Environmental Remediation

The Mayor’s Office of Environmental Remediation (MOER) operates a set of world-class programs to advance the cleanup and redevelopment of over 100 brownfield projects each year throughout the City. These include the NYC Voluntary Cleanup Program, the nation’s first municipally-run cleanup program and initiatives to encourage the creation of affordable housing and community-supported projects. MOER also provides environmental counsel to the Mayor’s Office. We seek interns studying geology, engineering, and/or law.

Office of Federal Affairs

The Federal Affairs Office is the intergovernmental liaison between City government and the Federal government and is responsible for presenting the City's interests to the Congress and the Executive Branch.

Office of Recovery and Resiliency

This Office of Recovery and Resiliency (ORR) leads the City's efforts to build a stronger, more resilient New York. The plan builds on the foundations of public collaboration and rigorous analysis. ORR is guiding the City's work to strengthen coastal defenses, upgrade buildings, protect infrastructure and critical services, and make homes, businesses, and neighborhoods safer and more vibrant.

Office of the First Lady

The Office of the First Lady leads efforts in areas including mental health and gender equity, with a diversity of initiatives that enhance the wellbeing of all New Yorkers. The Office researches, plans and develops programs and events surrounding these topics, and ensures timeliness and effectiveness in all matters that the First Lady engages in. Interns assist all members of the First Lady’s staff as needed, including areas like communications and outreach, logistics, events and assignments, and community affairs.

Public Design Commission

The Public Design Commission was established by the New York City Charter in 1898 as the City’s design review agency. The Commission reviews permanent works of architecture, landscape architecture, and art proposed on or over City-owned property. The Public Design Commission maintains an archive of projects reviewed by the Commission since 1902, documenting more than 7000 sites throughout New York City and providing a unique view into the history of the City’s public works. Containing original documents, drawings, photographs, and architectural plans, the Archive informs the Commission’s review of current projects and provides a valuable resource to researchers. In 2013, the Commission launched a long-term preservation project to digitize the oldest and most fragile materials in the collection, increasing public access to these historic documents while preserving the originals in appropriate archival conditions. Selections from the Archive are uploaded regularly to Flickr and Tumblr.

State Legislative Affairs

The Office of State Legislative Affairs represents the Mayor and City agencies before the State Legislature, the Governor and State agencies, and reviews all state legislation that affects the City of New York.